When contacting me for work on an index, please provide the following information.

  • Subject or title of book
  • Approximate number of pages
  • Expected date of delivery of chapter PDFs to me
  • Date you need delivery of index

When working on an index, I follow a set of index specifications. If you can provide the specifications that you want (for example, a sample index that you like), I will follow that. If not, I can suggest the specs that will work best for your book. Index specifications include the following:

  • Which type of index format: indented or run-in?
  • Which type of alphabetization: word-by-word or letter-by-letter?
  • What is depth of indexing: how many levels are allowed?
  • What is format for cross-references?
  • Are footnotes indexable?
  • Are illustrations indexable?
  • Is there a length limit to final index?

I am available to review the layout of the completed index after your layout designer puts the index into a PDF file.