If you are a production editor or author, looking for a freelance indexer to produce a quality back-of-the-book index for your book, you have come to the right person!

I have over 20 years experience as a freelance indexer. I will write a detailed, quality index for your book (trade book or textbook), according to your specifications and by your deadline. I charge reasonable rates, usually by the indexable page. I deliver the index as a Word document, by email attachment or by ftp site. I am available for layout consultation and review.

 — Marilyn Augst

The Importance of an Index

An index created by a knowledgeable and professional indexer improves the quality of the entire book. This affects the bottom line: sales of the book. Detailed knowledge of the subject matter produces a superior index that professionals in that field look for when they select a book for purchase. As an example, here are what two computer professionals have to say about indexes.

"I often go to a bookstore to find a solution to a very specific problem. I scan the indexes of many books looking for the solution to my problem. When I find the book with the solution, I buy that book. To me, a thorough and well done index is what sells a book to me."
"I use a lot of very technical publications in my information forensics work. The index is an essential "road map" for any publication. If you are returning to a publication you have previously read, a good index will help you quickly locate the information you recall seeing. If you are trying to locate new information, the good index will let you effectively navigate to information you need. A good index is a must. Just like travel, without a good "road map", you can easily get lost and waste a lot of time and energy."

Comments from Editors
about my Work

"The indexes that we get normally have many more mistakes in them. To be honest with you, this is the best index I have ever seen. I have looked it over a couple of times thinking "I must be missing something, there has to be more errors here", but I am not finding any. You did an excellent job. Thanks so much for all of your hard work."
"Just wanted to let you know you did a super job on the index. I will be calling you again."

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